Sunday, April 3, 2016

When There Is Nothing Left To Do...But Live

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I have been at this blog writing journey for a bit of time now. It's been nearly three years since I started writing about my journey of recovery from trauma. I never expected I would be doing this.

I haven't written much in recent months. Quite honestly there is very little for me to say compared to what I had to share in the first months I was writing. I still visit with my therapist. I still have days when I feel deep sadness. I still have days when memories of the horrible time that was June, 2013 float through my conscious awareness. But I don't experience myself being triggered into a state of deep upset as I once experienced all too often. I have managed to excise myself from the situations that contributed to my immense distress.

It's been a bit strange for me to realize that the stressful journey out of that dark time was so anxiety provoking in itself on many occasions that it took me quite a while to adjust to feeling...normal. Living in an environment that creates minimal stress was not something I had the fortune of enjoying rather quickly after my life essentially fell apart in June, 2013. It took me a while to gradually move into a much healthier way of living. But here I am!

Spring is coming to Minnesota. It's the last spring that I want to witness here. As the buds on the trees and bushes swell and blossom forth I feel myself breathing a incredibly deep...sigh of relief. That storm of pain, shock and chaos I was caught in for so long is long gone now. I now experience the quiet after the storm.

The relative spaciousness within my own psyche is something still quite unusual for me. I had carried around unhealed grief and sorrow for so long that the openness within me is still something novel for me...despite the passage of thirty-three months. Deep trauma can take a long time to heal. But it can indeed be healed. My life journey is proof of that truth.

I want to live in a way I never have before!

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