Sunday, April 17, 2016

That Moment When You Feel...Amazing

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Many positive developments took place in the last week. The biggest highlight was the decisive shift in the work I have been doing with my therapist during the last few years. We have shifted to meeting just once a week now. I am now focused on preventative care rather than actively plumbing the recesses of my earlier life history. In other words I am basically done with therapy now.

When I look back on past forays into the world of psychotherapy I feel I can describe those times in this way: my earlier efforts undertaken with the guidance of a mental health professional were something like an amateur gardener who, not appreciating the reality of roots, goes into his garden and clears out weeds without actually taking the roots of those weeds out. So what happens? The weeds inevitably grow back. I think the impact of trauma on our lives, both as individuals as well as in society at large, can all too easily persist if we don't apply the correct tools to heal trauma. We must address the roots of trauma if we wish to experience lasting healing.

It's so nice to be me now. I feel much safer and happier in my own skin. When I consider how early in my own life I experienced significant trauma an investment of three years of therapy is a very reasonable investment to make to heal the harm I experienced.

This could be a much better world if we all would take the journey of healing our individual and collective wounds.

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