Saturday, March 26, 2016

What Will Endure?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

I went to a grief ritual last Saturday. It was quite a rich experience. Acknowledging my grief before my ancestors (my blood family of origin) is something I have done before. The necessity of cultivating a close relationship with those who have passed beyond the veil and into the world beyond this ordinary reality feels more urgent to me than ever. It seems likely that the world as I and we know it is going to radically change in the coming years and decades. It doesn't seem possible that it won't. The evidence of tremendous change is all around us.

I am feeling that very human fear of the unknown. I often feel a chaotic future is awaiting humanity. How could it not when we seem virtually destined to overshoot the carrying capacity of the planet? Are there already too many human beings living in the world? That is a good question. I would prefer to believe there could be no such thing. Couldn't we interpret a larger human population to mean there are more hearts beating in the world and therefore more love in the world? Wouldn't that be a nice equivalency to believe in! But then again more people can also be equated with more environmental degradation.  As someone originally trained as an atmospheric scientist I know all too well the arc of our species' impact on the atmosphere. We are unleashing a Pandora's Box of change upon the world given the power of approximately seven billion of us moving about the world. A new epoch is upon us. Some call it the Anthropocene. I suspect it will be the most eventful period yet for the human species.

So perhaps you may be wondering what is happening in my own personal world.

I am still on my own healing odyssey. It's been quite a journey. But I feel much better now. The grief I feel related to the deprivation and trauma I experienced in my own childhood is still inside me. But the weight of it is lighter. Will I always have some measure of sadness in my heart? It seems so. But my heart has a lot of room in it. I have space for many people, memories and dreams in my heart.

What is imperishable among all that humans have created? I would say it must be love.

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