Monday, March 7, 2016

Bearing Witness With My Mature Adult Self

Monday, March 7, 2016

I've been at work on this whole healing thing for quite a while. I finally feel that I am starting to leave behind a plateau I was on the last several months. I know the change of seasons is certainly helping me to feel that my progress continues. When the backdrop of the seasons changes in the midst of a long term healing process it can be easier to look back and feel a greater distance separates us from a particularly dark time in our own lives.

I met with my therapist this evening. I was given some homework to do. I'm tasked with the activity of imagining my mature adult self looking at the course of my life through a wall of glass. The glass wall is a metaphor. It symbolizes a separation between me and the life I had previously lived. You could think of it as the equivalent of the protective gear doctors use when following universal precautions.

I feel much better now because I have acknowledged myself for doing so well in my life despite all the challenges and hardship I experienced.

I am not exactly beaming with happiness these days. But I feel a growing capacity for enduring contentment.

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