Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Light Returns

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I am deep in the grieving process now. It's been a bit difficult lately considering some of the stress I was experiencing in February. I am grateful that those turbulent daily waters are now behind me. And it helps that the light is returning.

I never imagined I would virtually exult at the return of the light this time of year. But that was before I lived through four Minnesota winters. Four of them are enough for my taste. I am looking forward to a very different life by the end of this calendar year. The trees are still barren and it will be a cold night tonight but I know the inevitable end of winter is coming.

Grief is a strange and wondrous beast. Sometimes I feel positively tackled by it. Other moments I find myself feeling my grief is quite subtle. There are moments when I feel I cannot breathe. And then there are other times when deep racking sobs steal upon me so suddenly I feel positively broadsided. Dancing with grief is an unfolding education.

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