Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Is A Dis-Abled Way of Experiencing The World?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Another full day is behind me now. I feel positively exhausted as I have been awake for nearly sixteen hours. Perhaps this isn't impressive to medical doctors and others who go without sleep for thirty-six to forty-hours on occasion. I am nonetheless pleased with how well I managed my day considering how stressful it was. Being asked to do so much with minimal resources can be such a challenge.

I spoke with my therapist tonight. I actually sat in my bathtub at home while I spoke with him on the phone. I wanted to chat in person but the hectic rescheduling of my day made necessary by a number of  challenging issues these past few weeks required me to be creative and accept a less than ideal way of 'meeting' with him. I've never "met" with a therapist while sitting in my bathtub at home.

I spoke about the major stressors in my life these last few weeks. The stressors I have experienced have been ponderous enough to cast me into a persistent feeling of needing medication to modulate how I manage my life each day. But I am determined to see what is happening as only a passing challenge. The bumpy road of my life has only been predominant for about two weeks now. This too shall pass.

I continue to experience amazement with my eyesight on a daily basis. I recently have decided to "drop anchor" and allow this newfound appreciation of what my eyes perceive of the world to become a central facet of the person I wish to be in the future. By that I mean I want to do something in my professional life that uses my eyes in a more intensive way. It seems my appreciation of the world around me is not going to wane any time soon. It thus seems to be a permanent part of who I now am.

As I have reflected on the gift of my eyesight I have found myself contemplating what a "dis-abled" way of viewing the world could be. I will write about that more in a future posting.

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