Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Mountaintop View

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Today was the type of day I wish I could bottle up and somehow magically repeat on numerous other days that I work. I felt quite exhilarated by the opportunity to introduce good people to one another in my workplace. Being a "connector" is one of my favorite activities.

The theme of dreaming big was at play throughout my day. I currently work in what I call a youth serving organization. The youth my organization serves not infrequently come from some very difficult circumstances. I have empathy for the circumstances many of these youth have come from because I had significant obstacles in my own childhood I had to overcome. Life can be very mean and alienating at times. And yet, somehow, if we want to realize an amazing quality life we have to not only allow ourselves to dream big but actually engage in such imaginative exercise on a frequent basis. Our lives ultimately become the "outpicturing" of what we consistently imagine and believe to be real and true.

Does what I claim sound like some ridiculous New Age "happy talk" you would expect to hear from a self-identified fortune teller or magician? I can understand if my words meet many skeptical ears. I was once skeptical myself. But then I learned about the powerful technique of creative visualization. I later tested out practicing such a technique after reading books written on the subject. After I enjoyed a single instance of irrefutable success in creating something I consistently took time to imagine actually experiencing I knew that creative visualization was indeed a legitimate art.

If you want a big life it's essential that you dream big. You also have to make big requests. And, eventually and finally, you must learn to welcome in the big life you dream of once it indeed comes to fruition.

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