Monday, October 12, 2015

The Avid Explorer

Monday, October 12, 2015

I want to do some amount of exploring as part of my future professional life. What exact job I will hold where I can do some exploring as a regular part of my work remains unclear to me at this time. I thrive on opportunities for adventure. Work that features an excessive amount of mind numbing repetition has a way of quenching the fire in my soul. I need something much greater than that. And I am capable of something much greater.

I finally feel relatively whole, strong and focused. It was quite a process getting here. I never would have imagined that the transit of Pluto in square to my natal Moon would bring about such a veritable 'festival' of (still) unhealed trauma and associated memories to wade through. Plutonian transits can be notoriously long so it's best to buckle up and prepare yourself when a harsh transit comes along. It's a suitable moment to use astrological language considering that the Moon has just begun a whole new cycle. It was exactly new only a few minutes ago.

I was given this question at the last cohort day for my current service work. The question read something like this: "What age would you like to be able to be again...or always?" And I picked the age when I was completing my graduate degree under the instruction of Pamela Colorado. I remember it as such a vivid, exciting and stimulating time in my life. I want that type of life again.

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