Tuesday, October 20, 2015

To Overcome Adversity

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Adversity can be the ground from which springs the soothing power of compassion. So goes the stream of thought contained in a New York Times article I recently read. I tend to agree with this central thesis of the aforementioned article. More than once I have wondered who I might have become had I not endured the hardship, loss and trauma I experienced in the earliest years of my own life.

I find myself feeling a bit stuck lately in regards to writing my blog. I sometimes feel it is primarily a result of the fact that I now have a "responsible" job that consumes much of my time and energy. As I noted in a very recent posting the pace of my life has changed tremendously. These last ninety days have featured an enormous amount of positive change in my personal life. Now that I find myself so busy with the task of assisting in uplifting the lives of local homeless young people I find I have much less time and energy for other activities. Maintaining my blog still interests me. But it seems somewhat unrealistic for me to place an expectation on myself that I write each and every day.

So what is different about me as compared to twenty-eight months ago? Here is one big difference:

I am very, very aware of the time sensitive nature of opportunities.

I tend to believe such an awareness is at least partly an inevitable result of maturity. As we grow older and accumulate more life experience we naturally experience the truth that not all opportunities that come around once will come around again. It seems such awareness will thus lead us to become more grateful for what we do have and more willing to jump at amazing opportunities when they do happen to come around.

I will share another aspect of how I have changed in my next posting.

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