Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Living in the United States sometimes feels akin to being permanently trapped in a realm like that featured in Alice in Wonderland. Only here in America "wonder" is not something I would use to describe so much of our land. Words such as violence, greed and apathy seem more fitting.

I do think is is a wonder more Americans haven't become expatriates as the issue of gun violence continues to defy a healthy response here in this nation. The latest incredibly sad story of two young lives cut down can be found here. Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times quotes some statistics I am already, sadly, familiar with. While the statistics are compelling I can't help but wonder if many Americans have "statistics fatigue" regarding the issue of gun violence. When does throwing more numbers at the public stop doing any good? It seems we reached that point long ago.

Another person will likely die from gun violence in the time it takes me to complete this posting. It happens basically four times an hour. When you wake up after a restful night of sleeping eight hours approximately thirty-two people will have died. That's something like wiping out one side of an entire street in a residential neighborhood. Sad isn't it?

We Americans all too often "solve" our problems with alienation and anger through the use of violence. And yet such a course of action doesn't solve anything. Instead we are left with more grieving families and more scarred hearts. The pain seems to unnaturally compound something like a bank account accruing interest at some astronomical rate because a bank official input the wrong value in a box in an online account. Such is life in America in 2015.

I don't really know what more can be said about this issue. I feel immense sadness every time I contemplate it.

My own life is quite pleasant as of late. I have settled into my new home and feel comfortable and safe here. Many Americans cannot say that about their home lives. I have sufficient means to live each day free from want. Too many children go hungry each day in this nation billed as "the greatest nation in the world". My health is relatively good now. I am also fortunate in that regard.

I sometimes still feel a bit stuck when I write in my blog. As I have recounted many times already I reached a definitive point of departure some time ago. In shedding the vestiges of a traumatized psyche a person in search of deep personal healing may experience something like a rebirth. I know I have felt that way.

What is next?

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