Friday, August 14, 2015

A Seriousness That Didn't Always Serve

Friday, August 14, 2015

So today I was what some might consider a boring, responsible adult. I went to my job and was diligent. I continued preparing my living space to comfortably settle into. I even did my laundry. I suppose I sound like a man who has no social life whatsoever. I'm simply taking a breather and continuing to focus on myself.

My life feels as if it has dramatically accelerated in the last two weeks. I still find myself adjusting to all the change. I come home at the end of a workday and feel quite tired. I know the changes have caused some of my fatigue. But I also know I am tired out by a seriousness I carried throughout my life that didn't always serve me well. I need to be a different person now.

With my birthday coming on this very day of the month next month I find myself imagining what I want the next year of my life to be like. I want to have more fun.

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