Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Smell of Chlorine...and Lavender

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Today was a beautiful day.

Today was a beautiful day...because I was (and am) alive. Today was wondrous because I spent time with friends. Today was amazing because I was in the company of friends whose open hearts are like a balm to my own. Today was beautiful because I spent time getting to know another person. Today was beautiful...because I could actually see today.

After returning home from spending some time in a pool I found myself noticing the subtle but very real scent of chlorine still on my skin hours after being in a swimming pool. I could smell the chlorine on my fingertips. I washed my hair and used lavender soap to purge this particular chemical odor I associate with the season of summer. As I prepared a good soapy lather I found myself appreciating my ability to live independently by showering with no assistance from another person.

The summer season here in Minnesota is rapidly moving towards its inevitable ending. I suppose I adjusted to this reality after living here nearly four years. The one word that accurately describes my first summer here in Minnesota was dissolution. The theme of my second summer was release and renewal. The theme of my third summer (last year) was growth. And finally the theme of this summer now nearly over was strength and preparation.

The time is coming for me to move on now. I am a new man. I cannot even conceive who I would be had I never found my way to Minnesota. The important work it appears I was meant to do here is now concluding. And so I must move on to the next chapter of my own life.

I am excited by what that chapter will be.

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